Medpoint Radiology provides x-ray imaging for different conditions requested by a medical doctor. X-rays are necessary as they assist the doctor to identify fractures, tumours and abnormal masses, pneumonia, some injuries as well as foreign objects in the body. At Medpoint Radiology, we understand the importance of prompt and accurate diagnosis. Our general X-ray services offer a quick and painless way to visualize your bones and internal structures, helping your doctor get a clear picture of your health.

What are General X-Rays?

A general X-ray is a type of imaging test that uses a small amount of radiation to create images of your bones and some soft tissues. It's a highly versatile tool used for a wide range of diagnostic purposes, including:
• Fractures: X-rays are the gold standard for identifying broken bones, showing their location and severity.
• Joint problems: X-rays can reveal signs of arthritis, joint deformities, and calcium deposits.
• Chest abnormalities: Chest x-rays can help diagnose pneumonia, infections, and even certain lung cancers.
• Abdominal issues: X-rays can sometimes detect bowel obstructions, kidney stones, or foreign objects in your digestive system.

Benefits of General X-Rays at Medpoint Radiology:

• Fast and Painless: X-ray exams are typically quick and painless, often completed within minutes.
• Non-invasive: No needles or incisions are required for an X-ray.
• Cost-effective: X-rays are a relatively inexpensive imaging modality compared to other options.
• Detailed Images: X-rays provide clear and detailed images of your bones and some internal structures.

What to Expect During a General X-Ray:

• The radiographer will position you based on the area being examined.
• You may be asked to wear a lead gown to protect certain parts of your body from radiation.
• The radiographer will take several X-ray images from different angles.
• The images will then be interpreted by a radiologist, who will send a report to your doctor.

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