MedPoint Radiology

Medpoint radiology is a medical service provider dedicated to helping patients understand their diagnoses and their healthcare options by offering high quality diagnostic x-rays and ultrasound scans. Our unit offers accuracy and high quality patient care and our team is constantly involved in research work that not only improves patient experience but is also vital to the entire radiology field.

What We Do

MedPoint Radiology Flier

The unit offers a wide range of medical radiology services including:

  1. General X-rays.
  2. Trans-vaginal radiology scans and trans-rectal scans for prostrate gland assessment.
  3. Obstetrics radiology and doppler studies(following the Fetal Medicine Foundation Protocols.)
  4. General abdominal scans.
  5. Small parts including(thyroid gland, testicles, breasts, eyes etc), vascular(arterial and venous) including both lower and upper limbs, carotid assessments and abdominal vasculature.
  6. Musculoskeletal examination – knee, wrist, ankle and lipomas.

Accepted Medical Aids