Your abdomen is home to a vital network of organs that play a crucial role in your overall health. At Medpoint Radiology, we offer comprehensive abdominal ultrasound scan services to provide you with a clear picture of your internal health.


What is an Abdominal Ultrasound Scan?

An abdominal ultrasound scan is a safe and painless imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create detailed images of your organs within the abdomen. This non-invasive procedure allows our experienced sonographers to examine:
• Liver
• Gallbladder
• Pancreas
• Kidneys
• Spleen
• Bladder
• (In some cases) Appendix, ovaries, and uterus

Benefits of an Abdominal Ultrasound Scan

Abdominal ultrasound scans offer numerous benefits, including:
• Painless and non-invasive procedure.
• No radiation exposure.
• Detailed visualization of internal organs.
• Helpful in diagnosing a wide range of conditions, such as:
◦ Gallstones
◦ Kidney stones
◦ Liver disease
◦ Pancreatitis
◦ Abdominal pain
◦ Internal bleeding
◦ And more

What to Expect During Your Abdominal Ultrasound Scan

• You may be asked to fast for several hours before the scan, depending on the specific area being examined.
• During the scan, you will lie comfortably on your back on a table.
• Ultrasound gel will be applied to your abdomen to improve sound wave transmission.
• The sonographer will gently move a handheld transducer over your abdomen, capturing images.
• The entire procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes.

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